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                            Special products for oil field profile control and

                            Sliding water drag reducing agent for fracturing
                            Sliding water drag reducing agent for fracturing
                            Sliding water drag reducing agent for fracturing

                            Sliding water drag reducing agent for fracturing

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                            Key words: Oil fracturing, flocculant, drag reducer, rent reduction, increase water injection rate, and increase water flooding
                            Description: In response to different geological conditions, Hongdali has developed and produced different types of drag reducers to provide customers with increased water injection speed, improved water flooding efficiency, and drag reduction of the produced flu

                            Detailed Description

                              The emulsion type drag reduction agent developed and produced by the company can reduce friction during the fracturing process. When the emulsion type drag reduction agent contacts with water, it can be completely hydrolyzed so that the liquid chaotic mode of fluid can be improved, thereby reducing the pressure required for pumping to achieve the desired flow rate. 


                            The main characteristics of HDXA-133 are as follows

                            • It has good temperature resistance and shear resistance performance and excellent drag reduction effect. The drag reduction rate can reach more than 70% in various environments;

                            • It has very low polymer adsorption capacity and low core damage to the formation

                            • The anti pollution ability is good, the reverse discharge liquid can be fully utilized, which is conducive to reduce the cost and reduce the pressure of safety and environmental protection.



                            The main characteristics of HDJZ-900 are as follows           

                            • Low friction, low expansion, low damage, easy reverse flow, stable performance and fast swelling speed;            

                            • It has good performance, easy on-line preparation and strong adaptability, which can meet the needs of fracturing for different shale oil and gas wells;

                            • It has a very good salt resistance effect, and the on-line preparation is simple and convenient for field operation.


                            Technical index of drag reducer:


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